13 Tips To Move Safely During The Pandemic

What you need to know about moving safely during the pandemic. 13 tips to remain safe and reduce the stress of moving during a pandemic.

If you’ve purchased a home during the pandemic and are now in the process of moving, below is an infographic with five tips on how to stay safe during the move. These tips include:

  1. The questions to ask of moving companies before you hire one.
  2. How to get a virtual estimate for moving costs.
  3. How to clean and disinfect as you pack.
  4. How to maintain social distancing on moving day.
  5. Reminder to clean and thoroughly disinfect your new home before you move in.


In addition to the tips in this infographic, here are eight more tips to help you reduce the stress of moving during the pandemic:

  1. Be sure to dispose of all packing materials properly. Contact your local government agency if you have questions regarding the disposal or recycling of boxes and other packing material.
  2. If you suspect you’ve been exposed to the corona virus at any time during the packing and moving process, be sure to call the moving company to discuss alternatives.
  3. If possible, keep kids, pets, and vulnerable family members in a separate area and away from the movers.
  4. Wash your hands frequently and if you can’t, sanitize them frequently.
  5. If your household goods need storage for some period of time, determine in advance what the storage facility is doing to following proper hygiene practices, including sanitization of access pads and the requisite six feet or more of space between customer and customer and customer and employee.
  6. Buy packing boxes or use what you already have in your home; don’t pick up free boxes are supermarkets, etc.
  7. Unpack your own possessions after you move in.
  8. Complete all moving paperwork virtually to the extent possible.


Moving During The COVID Pandemic