Thanksgiving 2023 By The Numbers


60+ Fun Facts About Thanksgiving 2023How much do you know about Thanksgiving 2023 and how Americans observe this holiday? Did you know that in 2023:

  • 97% of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving with 26% hosting. 11% are already regretting hosting in advance of Thanksgiving Day. The average dinner includes seven guests and family.
  • 63% of Americans will travel for Thanksgiving. 
  • 64% of Americans would consider an alternative to turkey, but 68% will be serving turkey, nonetheless. 78% will serve mashed potatoes as a side dish. 50% will serve mashed potatoes and stuffing.
  • $949 million will be spent on turkeys, alone, this year. This compares with $853 spent in 2022. Average cost of a 16 pound turkey is $28.82 compared with just under $25 last year.
  • 23% of Americans choose pumpkin pie as their favorite. Pecan pie comes in second at 14% and apple pie comes in third at 12%.
  • On average, 3,150-4,500 calories will be consumed by the average person. (Did you know it takes the average male 10 hours to burn off 4,500 calories?)
  • 13% of Americans will order in or go out for Thanksgiving.
  • Americans are most thankful for family (84%); health comes in second (69%).


For more information about how Americans observe Thanksgiving, favorite Thanksgiving Day dishes, Thanksgiving Day football and parade traditions, Thanksgiving shopping trends, what Americans say they are thankful for, and more, check out the full 2023 Thanksgiving By The Numbers article from WalletHub, which provides 60+ fun facts about Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving By The Numbers 2023: 60+ Fun Facts



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