Busting The Millennial Home Ownership Myth

Busting the Millennial home ownership myth! Contrary to what many think, Millennials can afford to buy a home, especially in Charlotte. It may be time to put the question of whether home ownership is out of the question for Millennials to rest.

Busting The Myth That Home Ownership For Millennials Is Out Of The Question

It may be time to put the question of whether home ownership is out of the question for Millennials to rest. 29% of Millennials still believe they will never be able to afford a down payment. This isn’t true! As the video below points out 42% of new mortgage loans are credited to Millennials. That means almost half of the buyers who take on a mortgage are Millennials with 77% of first time buyers putting down less than 20% on their home purchase.




Charlotte, NC A Top Destination For Millennials

Did you know that Millennials have been flocking to Charlotte? Charlotte is projected to have the highest rate of millennial growth in the nation with more Millennials moving to the Queen City than anywhere else in the world, according to a 2017 study from SmartAsset. Professional opportunities, affordability, great weather and quality of life attract Millennials to Charlotte and keep them here.  

Charlotte’s Millennial work force grew 19.8% between 2011 and 2016 and it continues to increase. According to Michael Smith, President & CEO of Charlotte City Partners, “when you look at the statistics on attracting Millennials, there are cities that do a better job of getting gross numbers, but where we really stand out is how we keep them. We draw them here for the opportunities, but then they stay for the affordability and the quality of life, and we’re able to retain more of that young workforce.”

Niche.com also ranked the Queen City as a top destination for Millennials, citing the city’s growing number of breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and high-paying jobs. And did you know that Charlotte was ranked #2 out of the Top 10 Best Cities for Dating in 2019? Another reason, Millennials love living in Charlotte!

Charlotte Real Estate Is Affordable For Millennials

When you consider the median income in Charlotte of almost $53,000 and the median cost of a home of under $250,000, there’s no doubt that Millennials can afford to become home owners in the Queen City.



5 Reasons Why Millennials Choose To Buy A Home {Infographic}

Reasons Millennials Buy A Home

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