Fall 2019 Home Buyer Guide: Things To Consider When Buying A Home

Check out Great Home In Charlotte’s Fall 2019 Home Buyer Guide: “Things To Consider When Buying A Home” BEFORE buying a home this fall. If you’re a home buyer, our 2019 Fall Home Buyer Guide will provide everything you need to know about down payments, closing costs, home pricing and interest rate trends, inspections, and more. Find out the four reasons to buy now and not wait. Get great tips about the best way to search for your dream home and the 10 steps to buying a home.

Fall 2019 Home Buyer Guide

Home Buyer Guide Fall 2019


Another Summer season has come and gone. Kids are back in school. Fall 2019 officially arrives on September 23rd. And with the arrival of the fall season, our Fall 2019 Buyer Guide of Things to Consider When Buying A Home has also arrived. 


Are you thinking about buying a home in the Charlotte, NC metro area this fall? Before you begin to shop in earnest, check out our Fall 2019 Buyer Guide of “Things To Consider When Buying A Home.”


The Fall 2019 Buyer Guide of “Things To Consider When Buying A Home”  provides great information on 23 timely topics that home buyers should consider before buying their home, which include the following:


  1. 4 reasons to buy a home in fall 2019 and not wait until spring 2020.
  2. Where are home prices heading in the coming months?
  3. What’s the latest on interest rates?.
  4. 10 steps to buying a home.
  5. Powerful reasons to own instead of renting.
  6. What to know about down payments.
  7. Mortgage rates are rising… will home prices follow?
  8. Things to avoid after applying for a mortgage.
  9. What to expect from your home inspection.
  10. Have you put aside enough money for closing costs?…

… and more.


Contact Great Homes In Charlotte if we can answer any questions you might have about the Charlotte metro housing market or about what shopping for your new home might entail.

Need to sell your Charlotte area home this fall before buying a new home? Check out our Fall 2019 Home Seller Guide to “Things To Consider Before Selling Your House.”




Things to Consider When Buying A Home


If you are considering selling or purchasing a home in the Charlotte metro area this fall, I’d love an opportunity to earn your business, exceed your expectations, and to show you how:

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