Painting Your Home To Sell

Painting your home to sell (inside or outside) can be the game changer in getting your home sold quickly. Fresh paint is the quickest way to make a huge impact and can often be the least expensive way to update the look of your home. On average, painting the exterior of a home boosts home value by $7,571. and nets a 152% return on investment.  Just keep in mind that you should stick with neutral shades like white, beige, grey, taupe. White is one of the best colors for selling a home because it’s simple, timeless, and not influenced by personal taste.  When buyers can see your home as a blank canvas, it dramatically increases your home’s value.


Painting the outside of your home traditionally takes more time and expense than a comparable area on the inside. You have to deal with ladders, more paint and, of course, the weather. So when preparing your house for sale, you don’t want to do any exterior painting unless it is really necessary.




How can you tell? Walk across the street and cast a critical eye on your house. Can you notice areas where the paint is chipped or faded? If so, then so will potential buyers. It’s worth your while to invest in getting a fresh coat of paint in these areas. The good news is that painting, whether on the exterior or interior, is the least expensive way to make your home look more attractive — and therefore much more desirable to buyers.

Nina Hollander, Coldwell Banker can help you with staging and painting your home to sell