Super Bowl 2024 By The Numbers


Super Bowl 2024 by the numbers. How much do you know about the Super Bowl? The recent WalletHub Super Bowl study provides 65+ fun facts about Super Bowl LVIII, including:


  • This is the first time Las Vegas and Nevada are hosting the Super Bowl.
  • The Super Bowl’s economic impact for the local economy is expected to be $1.1 billion.
  • The Chiefs are making their 6th appearance in the Super Bowl and have won three times.
  • The 49er’s are making their 8th appearance in the Super Bowl and have won five times.
  • 115.1 million people watched Super Bowl last year, making it the most watched show ever.
  • 12 NFL franchises have never won a Super Bowl. 
  • The lowest daily hotel rate forecasted is $299 (that’s less than the $452 last year in Glendale, Arizona).
  • The average price of a ticket to the Super Bowl on the resale market is $10,752, a 93% increase from last year’s Super Bowl.
  • The most expensive Super Bowl ticket ever paid was $40,000.
  • Almost 72,000 fans are expected to attend the game on Sunday.
  • The average fan will spend some $275 for food and drinks over the four days of the Super Bowl weekend
  • 112.5 million Americans will host or attend a Super Bowl party.
  • The average calories for the average Super Bowl party feast are 8,083.
  • 250 million avocados will be purchased for Super Bowl dishes.
  • Pizza is the #1 food preferred by 28% of Americans, resulting in a 40% increase in pizza orders compared with a “normal” Sunday.
  • 10 million pounds of ribs will be purchased for Super Bowl dishes.
  • 75% of Americans say that chips and dips are their favorite Super Bowl Sunday food. No wonder 11.3 million pounds of chips will be consumed on Sunday.
  • 50 million cases of beer will be purchased for Super Bowl Sunday equal to $1 billion in sales. 90% more beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day.
  • 18.8 million people will miss work on the Monday after Super Bowl, resulting in $9.2 billion in lost productivity.
  • 18% of Americans say the ads are the best part of Super Bowl. 95% of Americans say the funny ads are their favorite.
  • The cost of a 30 second ad is $7 million.
  • 50 million Americans are expected to bet on Super Bowl LVIII. Legal bets may total $1.3 billion (20% more than in 2023).


For more fun facts about the quintessentially American Super Bowl tradition,  check out the full article from WalletHub: Super Bowl Fun Facts – The Big Game By The Numbers.




Super Bowl 2024 By The Numbers


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