Trash the Trash

tips to handle trash when selling your homeIn many communities, garbage pick-up day isn’t every week. So, if you show your house on day five or six, there’s going to be some accumulation! Here are some things you can do before a viewing to make sure this situation doesn’t trash a potential sale.

  • If possible, make sure all garbage containers, including waste paper baskets, are empty. Put them out of sight, as well, if at all possible.
  • Since compost and cat litter bags can smell even when tied securely, put them in a covered bin in the garage or outside at the side of your house.
  • Check your property for accumulated debris, such as old lumber. If you’ve been planning a trip to the dump someday, today is that day.
  • Don’t buy cheap garbage bags that can easily fall apart.
  • Donate, sell, recycle, or trash anything you don’t want to move to your next home.
  • Take your trash to the dump yourself if you don’t have weekly pick-up.

In addition, make sure garbage containers in the kitchen and bathroom have new plastic bag inserts. You may go through more than usual, but it will be worth it.