Be Ready to Move

Be ready to move once your offer for a home has been accepted. Tips that will make your move to a new home much smoother.

You’ve spent a lot of time shopping for the perfect property. You made an offer, held your breath and – hooray! – you got the home! But now you’ve realized that you have to move in four weeks – and you’re far from prepared.

Don’t add stress to what was otherwise a smooth process. Make sure you have these things in place well in advance:


A Good Real Estate Lawyer

Selecting the right lawyer can take time, so you don’t want to leave this task until the last minute. Your Realtor® can help you with the selection of a good attorney who specializes in real estate closings.

A Reputable Moving Company

Start looking into moving firms right away to ensure you pick one that’s reputable, timely and will do a good job.

A Reliable Contractor

Your new home may require some repairs and renovations that you want to get done right away. Your Realtor® can be a great source of referrals for handymen and contractors.

A Top-Rated Insurance Company

This is an easy detail to overlook. Don’t. Insurance costs can vary widely, and you want to make sure you take the time necessary, well in advance of your move, to select the right policy from the right company. Check with your Realtor® for referrals to top insurance providers. If you are financing your home, the lender will require what’s known as “hazard” insurance to protect their interest. But there’s also insurance for personal property, for liability, etc.

Getting these things in place in advance of your move will make the entire process go more smoothly.