Haunted Houses: Dream Homes Or Scream Homes?

How do you feel about a haunted house… is it a dream home or a scream home? 76% of American believe in the supernatural and 44% believe they have lived in a haunted house. Would you buy a haunted house? And if you did, what would you pay for one? Should buying a haunted house terrify you?

Would You Buy A Haunted House?

Have you ever wondered how people feel about living in or buying a haunted house? Are you one of the 44% of people who believe they’ve lived in a haunted house? Are you one of the 73% of people who would consider purchasing a one? Or are you one of the 11% who say no way you’d live in one?

According to a Realtor.com survey, 54% of men said they were unlikely to ever consider living in a house that was rumored to be haunted, compared to 70% of women. A survey by Clever Real Estate  of over 1,000 Americans showed that a lower price, a better neighborhood, more room did tempt people to overlook a haunted house:

  • Approximately 40% of respondents said they would be open to buying a haunted house is the “price was right.”
  • Some 35% said they would purchase a haunted house if that entailed a move to a better neighborhood.
  • 32% said they would consider purchasing a haunted home if it that extra square footage.
  • 29% said they’d purchase a haunted home if it had more bedrooms.


If you were to purchase a haunted house, what would you pay for it? Here’s what a realtor.com survey found:

  • 1% of home buyers would pay above market value.
  • 11% of home buyers would pay full market value.
  • 34% of home buyers would pay 1-30% below market value.
  • 22% of home buyers would pay 31-50% below market value.
  • 19% of home buyers would pay 51% or less below market value.


Should Buying A Haunted House Terrify You?

Whatever your feelings about buying and living in a haunted house, here’s what MoneyWise says about why you should be terrified to buy a haunted house:

  • Buying or selling a haunted house can be a legal and financial mess. In some areas, sellers are legally obligated to tell potential buyers if a home is said to be haunted, whether they ask or not. In other areas this is not a material disclosure, so you really need to know the rules in your area.
  • Houses with a reputation for being haunted see lower value and can be difficult, if not almost impossible to sell.

Haunted Houses: Dream Home Or Scream Home? {Infographic}

Buying a haunted house

Haunted Homes Statistics From The Real Estate Witch

According to The Real Estate Witch:

  • Other aspects of homeownership are scarier to most homeowners than ghosts, including mold (57%); foundation issues (56%); termites (54%); asbestos (54%); and water damage (54%).
  • Americans also fear floods (54%), fires (49%), and other safety hazards, yet many lack basic safety features in their home. For example, 66% don’t have a radon detector, 45% lack an alarm system, 40% don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, 38% lack a fire extinguisher, and 29% don’t have smoke detectors.
  • Nearly half of Americans (48%) would rather purchase a haunted house than live within one mile of a waste management facility.
  • American would rather live with ghosts than near the the scene of a violent crime (47%); a former meth lab(45%); or within one mile of a prison (44%).
  • Americans are most likely to consider purchasing a haunted house if it has a lower sale price (63%), is in a safer neighborhood (57%), or has friendly ghosts (53%).

For more information about the 2021 Haunted Houses Survey by the Real Estate Witch, click here.

Don’t Want To Buy Or Live In A Haunted House, But Would Like To Visit Some?

HauntedHouses.com is a great resources for all places haunted — cities, houses, forts, hotels, jails, ships, and more. And they provide an easy to use map to search state by state for haunted places.


And if you’re looking for a scary good time in the Charlotte region, here are 13 haunted attractions within two hours driving distance of Charlotte from Axios.com.



No Reason To Be Spooked About Buying A Home!

No reason to be spooked when buying a home

No reason to be spooked if you’ve been thinking about buying or selling a Greater Charlotte area home (haunted or not) during the 2021 Halloween season.  Nina Hollander/Carolinas Realty Partners with Coldwell Banker can promise you a a terrifyingly easy and stress free home search and/or sale process, just as we’ve been doing for Charlotte region home buyers and sellers for 20+ years.