Real Estate Myths: Busted!

It’s time to finally bust those real estate myths and misconceptions that could well cost you when you’re buying or selling a home.


5 Real Estate Myths Needing To Be Busted Now!

  1. It’s better to get pre-approved for a mortgage after you find your dream home. (Find out why a pre-approval is so important.)
  2. Always start with your lowest when making an offer on a home.
  3. It’s better to price your home on the high side when you’re selling.
  4. Home renovations specifically to sell your home will net you more money.
  5. If the house looks good you can skip inspections.

The infographic below busts each of these five real estate myths, providing a “reality check” for both home buyers and sellers.


Real Estate Myth Busters For 2022



One More Real Estate Myth That Needs Busting NOW…

… That you don’t need an experienced real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home, especially when the market is hot. Of course, you can buy or sell a home without the assistance of a real estate agent. But the real question is whether you should buy or sell a home without an experienced agent to guide you through the process. If you’ve been tempted to go it alone, click here to find out why you should not go it alone when buying or selling a home.







How Nina Hollander/Carolinas Realty Partners Can Help


If you’re a CURRENT HOMEOWNER: We can offer you a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION evaluation of your home’s current value, so you’ll know what it’s worth in today’s market.

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We can also offer you an instant home value to get you started.
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If you’re in the market to BUY A HOME: We can add you to our “Insider Access” list. Get the scoop on homes available for sale in the Greater Charlotte region as soon as they come on the market.


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Questions About Buying Or Selling A Home?

The best way to find out whether you need a real estate agent or broker is to speak with one. We’re here to help and to offer the insights you need to make better-informed decisions. Let’s talk about the value-added services we provide to help you buy or sell in today’s competitive real estate landscape.


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P.S.  You may wonder why we would give away our time and resources to buyers and sellers who might not hire us. It’s because we genuinely like helping people.  We also believe it’s the right way to do business.


If you don’t choose to work with us today, please think of us for your next transaction… or refer us to a friend, a colleague or a neighbor looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy agent. We’d love to help.