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Working from home is raising demand for a home office




The rise in remote work since the start of the pandemic has changed what many Americans want in their homes. Many companies have chosen to delay reopening or go remote full-time. As a result, buyers today are looking for homes with more space to support their work needs. If you’re thinking about selling your home and if you no longer need the extra room you have in your home, rest assured there are buyers who do.


Home Office Space Is More Desirable Than Ever

For years, we’ve all heard about the most desirable home features buyers are looking for: upgraded kitchens, remodeled bathrooms, spacious owner’s suites, screened porches, and more. The latest on the hotlist, however, might surprise you: home offices. The rise in remote work has influenced what buyers are looking for in a home and has created a greater appetite for a dedicated home office.


Remote Work Is Here To Stay

what will remote work look like in the next five yearsRemote work remains a reality for many Americans. A recent poll from Garter, Inc. shows many organizations have not yet returned their offices. 66% of organizations are delaying reopening their offices due to new COVID-19 variants.


And it’s not just companies that are choosing to remain remote for the time being – workers are seeking more flexibility. According to research fromPricewaterhouseCoopers, nearly one-fifth of employees want to be fully remote in the future. The study also finds that many people are leaving jobs to seek out remote work opportunities. Among employees looking for new jobs, almost one in ten say it’s because they moved away from the office while working remotely and don’t want to go back on-site.



More Remote Work Means a Greater Need for Home Offices

That’s leading today’s buyers to prioritize finding homes with more space so they can comfortably work from home. The 2021 Home Design Trends Survey from the American Institute of Architects finds that 69% of surveyed individuals still want at least one office at home. However, it also shows that more people are looking for multiplespaces in their home for remote work and virtual meetings (see graph below):

people want more space to work from home in 2021


What Does This Mean for You As A Home Seller?

If your house has extra space that you no longer need, buyers are interested, and now may be the perfect time to sell.


Your trusted real estate advisor can help you highlight many of the most sought-after features in your listing, including home offices. On the other hand, if you have extra room without a purpose, consider staging it as a home office. Your agent can help you with this by evaluating and preparing your space for potential buyers. They’ll make recommendations for how to stage the room, where to draw the eye, and what other sellers are doing to make their houses stand out.


Statistics show that houses with home offices sell more quickly than those without. With today’s increasing demand for home offices, it’s a great feature to highlight within your listing if you’re selling a house that meets this growing need. From bright natural light with large windows to built-in bookshelves or a quiet and secluded atmosphere, whatever makes your office space shine is worth mentioning to buyers when you’re ready to list your house.


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Bottom Line

With the continued rise in remote work, more buyers are looking for homes that can support multiple home offices. If you have extra room you’re no longer using, why not consider selling selling your home? Let’s connect today to discuss the unique features in your house and how you can capitalize on any extra space to appeal to today’s buyers looking for home office space. Call or text me (704-779-0813) or email me at nina@ninahollander.com. I’m never more than a call, text or email away.


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